Supplies for Whelping & Puppy Care
Whelping Supplies

Free Whelping Forms

Download forms to help organize and track your whelping event.

Thanks to nature, puppy birthing will in many cases proceed with minimal assistance. But successful breeding requires careful planning and attentive record keeping throughout the whelping process.

Puppy Birth Chart for Whelping
Whelping Chart
(Puppy Birth Record)

Perpetual Whelping Chart
63 Day Perpetual Birth Chart

Puppy Litter Form
Litter Weight Record

Whelping Pen - Top View with Underpads

EZwhelp. Mama knows best.

Buy supplies with your Whelping Box and Pads.

Whelping Supplies - ThermometerDigital Thermometer
Complete with case. 60 Second readout. LCD Display. Easy to read, safe thermometer. Guaranteed clinically accurate. Four times faster than glass thermometer. Long life battery. Auto shut off. 8 second alarm. Brand may vary.
Whelping Supplies - SyringeMonoject 35cc Syringe
Latex free. Bold Graduations. Use with our Puppy Feeding Tube when a puppy is too weak to nurse or the mother will not nurse. (Tube shown in background is not included.)
Whelping Supplies - TubePuppy Feeding Tube
Flexible red feeding tube for puppies attaches to 1 oz. feeding syringe (our 35cc syringe). Feeding tube is approximately 3/32" outside diameter and 16" long. Single use. Syringe is shown in picture, but is not included with the tube. Size 8Fr.
Whelping Supplies - Feeding KitHand Feeding Kit
For nursing puppies. Use with Milk Replacer for Puppies. Durable construction; made to last with repeated use and sterilization. 2 oz. bottle specially calibrated by tablespoon for feeding accuracy. Heat resistant nipple, bottle and bottle brush can be sterilized in boiling water. Brand may vary.
Whelping Supplies - Milk ReplacerMilk Replacer for Puppies
Puppy milk replacer for puppies newborn to 6 weeks. Natural with vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients. Formulated to substitute mother's colostrum. Colostrum, which is produced in mammal mothers in the first few days after birth, contains vital antibodies and essential nutrients that stimulate protein synthesis, improve fat utilization, promote cell growth and support the immune and digestion systems for healthier puppies. 12 oz. Brand may vary.
Whelping Supplies - Blunt SharpSurgical Scissors - Blunt-Sharp
Stainless steel construction. 6" long straight blades. Blunt-sharp.
Whelping Supplies - ForcepsHemostats / Forceps - Straight
Stainless steel construction. 5 1/2" long with locket handles.
Whelping Supplies - Pet TabsPet Tabs Daily Vitamin-Minerals
Balanced vitamin and trace mineral formula for dogs in a chewable, specially flavored tablet form. For better health and more energy. A dog's healthy treat. 60 tablets. Pet Tabs is a trademark of Pfizer.
Whelping Supplies - GlovesExam Gloves
Latex gloves fit snugly over the hand. Won't tear like other disposable gloves. Pre-powdered to slip on easily. Keeps odors, blood, and manure off your hands. Cleaner and more sanitary for the animal. 100 per box (by weight). Ambidextrous - Medium.
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Puppy ID Collars after WhelpingPuppy ID Collars
Use these hook and loop straps as ID collars for your puppies. Correct puppy identification is crucial for record keeping and care. Cut these 12" straps to size. Each pack includes six straps: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, and Yellow.
Puppy ScaleHanging Scale Assembly for EZwhelp Boxes

Designed especially to attach to EZwhelp whelping boxes.

This assembly includes the following:

1) A plastic hanger to attach the spring scale to our suspension rod (sold separately).

2) A metric spring scale (measurements in grams only). No batteries required for this analog scale. Weighs up to 2040 grams (4.5 lbs).

3) Hanging basket, with 1" foam floor insert.

Note that the aluminum suspension rod is sold separately (see below).

While puppies are small, leave this assembly in place for handy access!

View assembly instructions here (only available on-line).
Puppy ScaleHanging Scale Rod Attachment
Rod for attaching Hanging Scale Assembly to EZwhelp whelping box. This rod attaches to any EZwhelp box corner.

This is the same rod used for the EZwhelp heat lamp assembly (Regular Size).
Puppy ScalePuppy Scale
We love this whelping scale! This MyWeigh 7001dx backlit scale, with bowl and extras, is perfect for newborn puppies and completely functional for other purposes. Accurately weighs in both grams and ounces up to 15 lbs. Accurate to 1/10 oz. Bowl is 7"x7" - good for most newborns. AA Batteries and interchangeable top fixtures included.
Whelping ForcepsWhelping Forceps
McLean Whelping Forceps, 8" (20 cm). For small animal breeds.
Puppy Whelping ForcepsPuppy OB Forceps, 8"
These forceps open sideways, making practically impossible to catch the uterine lining. The puppy is gently grasped either around the head or the hips. No need of inserting your hand to place the instrument.
Whelping Pad Velcro8 Hook Coins For Non-Slip (Use with brown-top laminated pads)
Pen is shown for size comparison. These Velcro-like coins are 1 3/8" diameter. The underside of our brown laminated pads will gently latch to these hook coins to prevent slippage.
Whelping Kit
  • Surgical Gloves, 2 pair
  • Umbilical cord scissors
  • Unwaxed Floss, 5 yds
  • Hemostat/Forceps
  • Iodine Prep Pads, 10
  • Alcohol Prep Pads, 10
  • Hand Sanitizer, 2.5 oz
  • Hand Wipes, 9
  • Stethoscope
  • 6 Puppy ID Collars (good quality - hook and loop, not paper)
  • Absorbent Surgical Towel
  • Puppy Drops, 1 bottle
  • Tums (Calcium)
  • Milk Replacer, 16 oz
  • KY or equivalent jelly
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Bulb Syringe
  • 35 ml Syringe
  • Feeding Tube, 2
  • Hand Feeding Kit
Whelping Kit
Completely Boxed

Whelping Pad VelcroUrine Off, 16 oz Injection Cap
Urine Off dog and puppy formula, the #1 veterinarian recommended product for urine and odor stain remediation, breaks down dried uric acid crystals - the primary trigger mechanism for repeated marking by dogs. Not a perfume or cover-up; eliminates all 3 major components of dog urine odor and stains. Easy carpet injector cap.
Puppy ScaleUrine Off, Gallon
Dog & Puppy Formula. Super Value - Gallon size.

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